‘Mummy, what happens when we die?’ was created for and originally shown as part of the St Saviours Winter Show. Moving away from my normal mediums of print or photography, this site specific installation was created over the two weeks prior to the opening of the show. Everyday, whatever the weather, I collected the leaves that had fallen from the three trees directly outside of our flat and then transported them to St Saviours to dry and ‘lay in state’. Through the show, the work continued to dry up and desiccate - it ultimate fate may  be to be ‘cremated’ once exhibiting commitments have been fulfilled.
Following the St Saviours Winter Show the piece was shown at Roots at Craft Central London, and then finally in our solo moderneccentrics show at the Leicester Contemporary. With each outing, the piece has evolved and adapted to the circumstances. In 'Roots', the work was exhibited in a clear fronted cabinet redolent of a glass coffin from a fairy tale. For Leicester, I built a caged cube to hold the leaves, as I had originally intended.
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