I came late to printing, having spent a substantial amount of time printing black and white photos in the nineties, and was lucky enough to be taught by the wonderful Brian McKenzie at Morley College. Here are examples of some of my etching, drypoints, collagraphs, photoetching, cyanotypes, polychromatic printing and photograuves.
Bowl of Stars (Polychromatic Printing)
Celestial Bodies (Photopolymer gravure)
Screen printed hand-drawn symbols (basis for the moderneccentrics logo)
24 Days (Monoprint)
24 Nights (Monoprint)
Petri Dish Project (using monoprint elements and collage)
Skull (Preparatory pencil sketch)
Skull (Hardground etching)
Artefacts 1 & 2 (Drypoint prints)
Artefacts 3 & 4 (Drypoint prints)
Preparatory photo-collage
London Plane Seeds (Photoetching)
Cyanotype prints
Combination Therapy 3 (Collograph and Blind Emboss)
A nine day course (Collograph and Blind Emboss)
Every day, for the rest of your life (Collograph and Blind Emboss)
Combination Therapy 4 (Collograph and Blind Emboss)
Preparatory pencil sketch
Development drawing, pencil and ink
Base line print (Hardground etching)
Final Hardground etched print with aquatint shading and spit-bite sky
Monoprint (Seascape 4)
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